Haran Shivanan

25 May 2020

Making Zoom More Secure With Lucy

We really like Zoom and have been using it for many years. It was one of the first connectors we built to Lucy because it was useful for us internally.

Recently, as their popularity has soared, so have the security and privacy issues. Zoom has been quick to respond and help curtail some of the problems but there are some basic precautions everyone should take.


You’ve probably already heard of this – but zoom bombing is the term to describe people joining into Zoom calls uninvited and causing disruptions The press is quick to call this ‘hacking’ but it’s not really.

All that is required for it to work is for your Zoom meeting link to be publicly accessible – and generally indexed by Google.

Zoom has several features to help mitigate this – by putting participants in a waiting room and requiring a password to join.

Making your Zoom meetings more secure with Lucy

Some of the things you can do right now to make your meetings more secure:
  • Generate the meeting in zoom a little while before it starts. This reduces the window of it being publicly exposed (if at all)
  • Enable the security settings that Zoom recommends – using a waiting room and a password
  • Cancel any pre-scheduled zoom meetings and regenerate them just before your meeting starts, as a precuationary measure.
Lucy can help you with all of these.

If you use GSuite or Office 365 for your calendar, you can build a model in Lucy to look at events that are going to start in 10minutes and then generate new zoom links for them and send them out. You can optionally email those zoom links out separately as a reminder.

In addition, you can check if any existing zoom meeting link is present in the meeting invite and cancel it and generate a new one and update the meeting invite accordingly.

All you need are the existing connectors that come with Lucy.

25 May 2020

Making Zoom More Secure With Lucy