What kind of applications and services can Lucy connect to?

Lucy can pretty much work with any service or app that has an API or network protocol.
Even if it doesn’t – we might be able to help you find some workarounds.
Get in touch with us so we can help you with your specific use case.

Where does the name ‘Lucy’ come from?

Lucy is the common name of a female
found more than 40 years ago and represented a
breakthrough in our understanding of evolution. Lucy – our platform – is a breakthrough in the
evolution of smart buildings and environments.

(Also – a Scarlett Johansson movie.
Also – the lead character from a beloved TV

Do I need to be a programmer to use Lucy?

No, you can build simple and even sophisticated integrations by just visually composing different
blocks together in an intuitive way.
However, if you do have the programming chops – you can take use advanced functionality to build
more complex systems in a manageable way.
You can also have a more technical team working on specific functions/analytics/integrations which
are then put together by a domain expert without technical programming skills.

Do you offer training on Lucy?

Yes, we do. We schedule webinars to keep everyone up to date and explain new concepts.
We can also offer personalized training through a video call to help you get started.

Will you help build our integrations for us

Yes – we can help you with building your actual integrations. We will also help you find
implementation partners in your locality who will be happy to work with you.

Can I store data in Lucy?

Yes. Lucy is not a database but its extremely useful to be able to store bits of data that don’t
fit anywhere else, or is used to map different systems into a common way. So Lucy does provide
tools to store and query data.

Using Lucy

How do I login?

Each Lucy account gets its own url. When you signup you will be sent an email with the details of
your Lucy account.
If you can’t find it – contact us and we’ll help you
figure it out.

I’m stuck in an integration and need some help?

No problem. At the top of the screen is a Help (‘?’) icon. Click that and then you have options for
contacting support.
Just describe your problem to us and we’ll get in touch with you.

Can I share my models or re-use them in another account?

Yes. Your integration models are meant to be shareable and re-usable. You can export them at any
time from the Lucy model designer.
And yes, you can import them later to any other Lucy account.


I don’t see the service I want in your connector list – when will you add it?

Let us know what service you want to connect to!
We add new services pretty frequently and will prioritize specific demands.
If the service is publicly accessible and has a documented API we can probably add it easily.
If it’s a proprietary application or protocol, you can get in touch with us and we can figure out
how to make it work.

You can also request new connectors right from the Lucy model designer.
If you search for a connector block and its not there – you get a button to make a request.
You can request new connectors right from there.

Will you build a connector for me for our custom in-house app or service?

Yes – we would be happy to.

Can I connect to my in-house data sources and devices from Lucy?

Yes – we have on-premise gateways for databases and control systems.
We can also build custom on-premise connectors or give you an SDK to build your own.

Can I build my own connector?

You sure can. We have a toolkit built-in to Lucy to let you easily build new web service connectors
and make them available as blocks in Lucy.
Documentation is available on how to do it.
We will soon be releasing an SDK to build on-premise connectors as well.

Do you connect to social media services?

We can – we don’t publish those connectors as they are not in high demand but we can enable them for
your account.

What kind of building systems do you connect to?

All kinds! We support major protocols like Obex, BACnet, Modbus and KNX. We also support standard IoT
protocols like Mqtt. Feel free to get in touch with us with
your needs and we can help you out.