Your Day. Your Way.

Create > Build > Collaborate

Take control of your day and the way you work with Lucy’s centralised dashboard, and manage your tasks, schedules, data, and everything in between! Optimise your calendar, workflows, plan your day efficiently, and collaborate effectively.

Lucy is not just a set of dashboards, workflow automations or a low-code tool. It’s a complete platform to control and deliver every part of your day in general, and your workplace experience – the way you designed it!

The powerful integration engine and intuitive set of tools help you design and craft user experiences. Lucy is the Swiss army knife for your workplace.

The only pane of glass you need!

Lucy’s rich dashboarding and visualisation tools give you intuitive and easy to digest insight into how your daily schedule, workplace, building or city is functioning. And they can all be tweaked and customised to give you exactly what you need.

Whatever you want to create, we have what you need to make it amazing – like the canvases below, custom built by lucy users