Smart plumbing for your smart workplace

Lucy is the world’s first technology platform for composable workplaces and digital twins

Get deeper insights and better connections to everything you already have

Lucy already powers over 300 million square feet of workplaces and buildings would wide

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Connect up all of your applications, processes, sensors and equipment right within Lucy.

Lucy connects to all common IoT protocols and cloud services

You can also build or configure your own connectors

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With Lucy you can create models (or digital twins) of your equipment, spaces and the people that inhabit it. Then unlock new capabilities by building Integrations between these models.

integration Platform


The experience portal delivers dynamic dashboards to help you understand how your workplace is functioning, and acts as the single point of interaction for all your staff. All powered by the integrations and connections in Lucy

Experience Portal

Empower stakeholders with better data

Once you integrate all your pieces together – you get unparalleled insights into how everything works together

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Empower staff with more connected experiences

Enable unified seamless customer journeys for your staff and guests

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Improve Building Efficiency

Lucy makes it easy to tap into your building infrastructure for better operations and resource optimisation

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Real-Time Insights

Lucy taps into your streams of data in real-time and gives you a holistic view of your spaces to manage any incident – from fire alarms to wet floors

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Lucy runs on the cloud and is ready out of the box with connectors. integrations and user journeys for you to pick and choose.

Get started with a free trial. You can upgrade at any time.

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Visit the training centre and learn how to build models,connectors,dashboards and user experiences

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