The Technology Platform For Your Smart Workplace

Lucy combines an user experience framework, a powerful integration platform and a low-code orchestration engine into a single seamless service.

By connecting all your applications and devices together, Lucy delivers delightful user experiences and insights.

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The World’s First Composable Workplace Platform

Lucy is the world’s first platform for Composable Workplaces and Digital Twins.
Composability means you can continue using what you have and pick what you want to add.

Lucy will help you fit them together, like legos

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100 Million+ Square Feet

of workplaces and buildings powered worldwide

  • 250k +


  • 100k +


  • 1M +


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Why would you need Lucy?

  • A Rich User Experience

    Lucy lets you deliver a rich user experience to your staff and visitors through visualisations, a native mobile experience and intelligent automations.

  • Future Proof

    Lucy’s ever growing library of connectors ensures that any application device you have and will adopt in the future can be seamlessly integrated with everything else you have

  • React to change

    Lucy’s low-code platform makes it easy to tweak and make changes to your workplace automations and user experiences

  • Scalable

    Lucy works great for everything from small workplace to large cities. It delivers out of the box solutions and provides the tools to make your own

Integrate in minutes

Lucy runs on cloud and comes with single-click workflow automations, connectors and visualizations for you to try out. We also have an extensive library and platform to build your own workplace experience.

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