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Lucy is the world’s first iPaaS 2.0 built for Smart Buildings and Workplaces. Lucy helps you connect your apps, services and environment to create delightful user experiences and reduce inefficiencies.

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We help businesses run operations in real time

By connecting your cloud services, IoT devices and enterprise systems, Lucy can unlock new operational capabilities.

  • Create user journeys that bring together people and things in new ways
  • Publish unified APIs that model your organization
  • Orchestrate workflows

Talk to your control systems and IoT Devices

Monitor and control traditional building control systems and IoT devices, through on-premise gateways or through native cloud interface.

  • Orchestrate emergencies and alarms
  • Build energy saving routines around people & systems
  • Publish Real-Time APIs and User Interfaces to monitor & control devices


“Learn how simple it can be to use Lucy now.”

Bring people into your integration scenarios

Lucy gives you the tools to push out real-time communications and bring user feedback into your integrations.

  • Communicate with users through notifications, mobile apps or even voice
  • Build Real Time Messaging APIs to broadcast information instantly
  • Publish RESTful API end points for mobile apps
  • Push data down to dashboards and…

Pull data out of your silos

Talk to all your other services through available connectors. Use our connector framework to make your own connectors to other systems you have.

  • Connectors for popular cloud services
  • Connector framework for talking to any service that has an API
  • Consolidate data and react to events

Build new scenarios and software through a simple cloud based interface

You can build useful orchestrations and integrations in minutes by connecting blocks together.

  • Access a large library of blocks from simple boolean logic to database queries to control-system filters like hysteresis and deadband
  • Define your own blocks and
    re-usuable components that can plug in anywhere
  • Define REST APIs and react to events through a simple interface

Write code when you need to

Somethings are too complex to express in a simple interface. We get it. You can drop in blocks of Javascript code anywhere to do the heavy lifting.

  • Full ES6 Compliant JavascriptWrite asynchronous promise-based code when you need
  • Exposes the full Lucy API to interact with the rest of your orchestration in any way
  • Runs fully server-side in a sandboxed environment

Time to throw away your ESB

With Lucy, you use models to describe your integrations. It’s simple and easy to get started.
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