Lucy is built on the concept of models

  • Models are re-usable integration components
  • Models can represent equipment, devices, people, external systems or workflows
  • They can hold data as well as capture logic of how your business or workplace runs
Models are shareable and can talk to other models – allowing you to build a re-usable library of models that you can plug and play in different situations

You build logical sequences in models by taking blocks and connecting them together

Lucy has a large library of blocks that provide simple services like adding two numbers together or executing some code on a remote system, to more complex operations like communicating with a controller in a building, calling a web service or authenticating a user
You can also use Javascript to easily capture complex logic in code if you want
You can start simple and build a single model that runs your entire integration
Then make it more sophisticated, enabling services to be plugged in at different points to enable new features and scenarios.