Lucy comes with everything you need to connect up and integrate services in your environment

Tools to build and orchestrate workflows

Visually put together integration scenarios by connecting blocks together and wiring them up.

Connect to any building control system or IoT device

  • Lucy is built on the back of 2 decades of experience in smart buildings
  • Use connectors to connect your on-premise control systems to Lucy
  • These can be industrial systems running BACnet, Modbus, OPC or IoT devices publishing over MQTT or web Services

Connect to any cloud service

  • Lucy ships with connectors for many popular cloud services and systems such as Google Docs, Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow
  • You can also easily configure a connector for any other service that you want to inter-communicate
  • You get a comprehensive toolkit to define how your web service works and how to transform data to and from the service

Connect to any on-premise system

Need to securely access data from your on-premise system and integrate it with cloud services?

We have on-premise gateways you can deploy to access local data. You can also use our Connector Kit to build your own gateway to talk to Lucy.

Publish APIs

  • You get a comprehensive toolkit to secure RESTful API endpoints that can be consumed by external entities
  • These endpoints can trigger any action sequence in Lucy to trigger an integration scenario or return data
  • We support simple API Key based authentication as well as industry-standard OAuth 2.0
  • You can also build public APIs and webhooks that can be called by external services without authentication

Monitor and Debug

  • Your integrations can be as simple or as complex as you need
  • Monitor how they work and debug any issues that you see
  • Capture a historical record of your integration’s executions, go back and step through them one step at a time to locate any issues or errors
  • Real-time health and performance monitoring tools

User Management

Your integrations probably require knowledge of your user base or customer base. With Lucy, you get a comprehensive user management system that can bring in user information, let users onboard themselves, or sync with an enterprise directory service.