Lucy makes it easy for developers to build integrated solutions for smart cities, buildings and workplaces. It comes with a set of tools that lets you focus on building your solution without getting stuck in ‘busy work’. Here’s how Lucy makes your life easier.
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You don’t need to setup or manage servers
You get a cloud-based account with built-in user management, authentication, multi-level access control, sync with directory services, hierarchical location management, and multiple timezones and currencies, ready to go.
Built-in location and space management
Building and workplace apps need to work with complex hierarchies of locations. Buildings, Floors, Spaces. Zones, Blocks, etc…
Lucy comes with hierarchical location management built-in – allowing you to easily attach objects at different levels and query them easily.
Rapid iteration and development
Lucy includes a low-code visual development environment to easily stitch together workflows from smaller building blocks. Building blocks can do simple things like add numbers together or more complex logic like parsing JSON or calling a web service.
Of course, a visual interface can’t do everything you need. You can also script a lot of your integrations through asynchronous ES6 Javascript.
Deploying is as simple as hitting ‘Save’.
Expose functionality for mobile apps and other systems to talk to
Your integrations can be easily published as REST-ful APIs that support either OAuth2 or API Key based authentication. You can also build public un-authenticated APIs and webhooks to allow 3rd party applications to trigger your workflows.
Build great looking dashboards and widgets in minutes
Lucy makes it easy to build custom portals and dashboards. Dashboards are collections of widgets and can be customised by users – allowing them to select widgets and their arrangement and behaviour.
Lucy includes a documented toolkit based on Typescript and React to easily make and publish your own re-usable widgets and other types of interactive user interfaces.
Lucy also includes widgets and interfaces for common scenarios out of the box.
Connect to any IoT device, SCADA system or controller
Lucy includes a full ecosystem of connectors to standard cloud services, devices and on-premise systems.
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The connector toolkit lets you easily add your own WebService-based connectors as easy as using Postman. Lucy knows how to deal with all OAuth2 grant systems, API-Key baed authentication, JSON Web Tokens and more.
It also includes an SDK to easily build secure, easily manageable, connectors to on-premise systems.
Push data to applications and devices behind a firewall
Lucy includes a message bus service letting client applications running in a browser or mobile to subscribe to channels and receive data pushed down from your integrations in real-time.
Subscribing to and receiving messages is simple and easy to use.
Manage and manipulate documents and files, large and small
Lucy can work with arbitrarily large files, receive them and move them around efficiently between different storage providers including Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and Lucy’s servers. You can also generate expiring links to documents and allow APIs you publish to redirect to documents.
You can easily put together integrations and APIs for mobile apps to upload and download files and link them to your storage provider of choice.
Easy data management and analysis
Lucy includes built-in support for storing and querying arbitrary JSON-based documents. The data collection API is MongoDB compatible.
Lucy also comes with a storage mechanism for time series data, allowing you to record tagged trends and other time series values and later query over time range and aggregate into buckets.