Connectors allow Lucy to talk to external systems and exchange data with them securely.
You can connect to cloud services, enterprise applications, control systems, devices and more.
Cloud Connectors
Cloud connectors let you connect to applications and services running on the internet – like Google, Hubspot, Salesforce. You just need to authorise the connector with your credentials and you’re ready to go.
Edge Connectors
Edge connectors let you securely connect Lucy to any device or SCADA system running in your building or workplace. These include access control systems, building management systems, energy meters and more. None of your systems are ever exposed to the outside world. Lucy uses secure communication protocols with multiple layers of security.
On-Premise Connectors
Similar to edge connectors, you can securely connect to any on-premise application or database. All connectors can be deployed and configured using standard administration tools that you alraedy use.
An entire ecosystem
Lucy includes an ecosystem of connectors to all common work place applications, devices and protocols. Lucy also includes a toolkit to build your own connectors or modify existing ones. You also get a suite of tools to help debug and craft them. An SDK is available for building on-premise connectors so you can connect to any custom application you already have.